My Story

About Me

Ahoj, I’m Aisha Rebecca. Tea-Fiendish, knitting and language enthusiast, with a penchant for Latin and Ballroom dancing and an unhealthy obsession with butterflies. Striving to live in an eco friendly,cruelty free and cleaner/greener world and as such I blog about it.

How did it start?

March 2016, I googled ‘travelling abroad’ and found a website called Her Packing List and came across an article entitled “Why I love my menstrual cup”.

After reading the article and the subsequent comments regarding one Miss Bryony Farmer, Owner and Founder of Precious Stars Pads and after watching a mountain of her videos on her Youtube channel of the same name, I was convinced. Cloth pads and menstrual cups have revolutionised my body and I haven’t touched a disposable since.

Things just snowballed (not that I like snow) from there. I started researching other cloth pad makers and watching other Youtubers, who switched from disposables to reusable menstrual products and noticed a pattern. Often they were vegan, zero wasters or minimalist. All terms I’d heard of before and after extensive research, I came to my own conclusion, that these things go hand in hand. All of them focus on consuming less, living better, healthier, more ethically and environmentally friendly.

At a similar time, I was noticing that I felt sick after consuming produce containing milk and slowly started switching these out for dairy free alternatives. My body felt well, I could eat a who bowl of cereal without throwing it away, I had more energy, I felt less tired and happy in both body and mind and my partner noticed changes in his health too.

So this is me. My little space on the internet where I share what veganism, minimalism, and a zero waste lifestyle is doing for my body, my health and my mental wellbeing.

I want people to go out into the world and really “be the change they want to see”. I want people to stop walking through life like sheep to the slaughter. To question the things they have been taught and make decisions on how they live their lives and research the things that set doubt in their minds.

If something I write, somehow creates a little “positivitea” and speaks to the heart of one amazing person, who has yet to come to their own conclusions, wants to go out and create some good in this world, start a movement, be happy and healthy with their lifestyle choices and come to their own conclusions and inspire someone else along the way, well…that’d be pretty awe inspiring.

Love and Blessings,

Aisha Rebecca

P.S- In case you really were wondering: ‘Ahoj’ means ‘Hello’ in Slovak. (Blame my love of languages, oh and my partner!)