Greenfishblogz: What’s it all about?


  • Eco-friendly means you are concerned with living things, human or animal in relation to the environment.


  1. Eating-For me this means eating foods in there most natural state and cutting out processed foods as much a humanly possible. I don’t like to look at clean eating as a way of creating a diet plan that restricts calories and “naughty days”, but rather a way of being mindful of what we are putting into our bodies in terms of over processed foods.
  2. Cleaning – Keeping household and skin products that are cruelty-free, minimalist and eco-friendly. Making as many products as we can from natural ingredients and not buying into the consumerism mass market that surrounds us daily. I am just beginning my journey, so I’m currently focusing on cruelty-free cleaning products, but as I delve deeper into the wonderful world of zer0 waste I’ll be looking into a more simplistic


  • Buying and using products that are cruelty-free only. This means, refusing to buy or use products that have been tested on animals or ingesting foods, (i.e. meat -if your Vegetarian or also dairy and eggs if your Vegan), that will have aided in mindless cruelty for animals on this planet. I am of the opinion, that over time humans have misconstrued God’s meaning of “dominion over the animals” as in eating them. I don’t believe any animal should be subjected to any form of cruelty for us to have “safe products” or consume the huge amounts of meat that many people do in their lifetime.


  • Living a lifestyle, that tries in as many ways as it can to bring into balance the conservation and preservation of the Earth’s natural resources, habitats, and biodiversity with human culture and communities. In other words, green living goes hand in hand with sustainable living, by which we try to create a lifestyle that works with and not against nature. As humans we should not do, nor create anything that will cause long-term or irreversible damage to any part of the planets eco systems.


Why do I strive for this lifestyle?

If you think about your mind, body and spirit as one big cycle, neglect one and the other two eventually start to fail. For me, living an ECG lifestyle helps me to keep my mind focused, my body healthy and my spirit happy. When I’ve got too much clutter around me I cannot focus on the important things. It is easy to be consumed with materialistic things then living a simple life, with family and friends around you not items. Items cannot bring you love and laughter. If I allow to much processed foods into my body, it makes my mind sluggish. I’m not saying don’t eat cake, I’m just saying eat less cake or go one better and bake the cake yourself, so you know what’s in the cake. Take control of what goes in to your body. If I feel happy in body and mind, I subsequently feel better overall.

UBUNTU-an idea from the Southern African region which means literally “human-ness”, and is often translated as “humanity towards others”, but is often used in a more philosophical sense to mean “the belief in a universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity”.[3]-Wikipedia

UBUNTU literally translates as “I am because we are”. How can one part of me be happy if the other parts are not? How can I be happy when we are creating a planet that will eventually (maybe not in our life times), be unsustainable for future generations to inhabit?

But this is a choice that I actively have to aim to practice daily. I am by no means the perfect human being. No one is, but life is a journey and the path we all walk on will have many twists and turns. All we can do is try, my journey is about striving for change. Change cannot be done alone. So as I journey through ecgliving, I hope you’ll journey alongside me.


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